Press Release: An innovative multi-user management for Android (COPE)

Italy, Februrary 28th
XNOOVA SRL has released Chimpa MDM 3.7.
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An innovative multi-user management for Android (COPE)

COPE (Corporate-Owned-Personally-Enabled) is a management that was introduced in recent years in order to have a better control over data and a greater corporate security, allowing, however, some freedom to the user, who uses the device every day. Unlike the BYOD, which has been shown to entail bigger risks that are difficult to remedy, COPE ensures a better problem solving in terms of security and control.

This new management allows the IT administrators to create a private space that the employee can use to manage Apps and personal data within a device that is company-wide purchased, managed and updated.

Google recently announced the release of Android 11 preview, which provides for a better management of the work areas on managed devices, thus indicating an interest and a trend toward an increasingly ‘COPE oriented’ management.

It is precisely with this in mind that the last version of Chimpa MDM 3.7 offers the possibility to create Spaces on managed devices: both Work Spaces and User Spaces. It is finally possible to imagine a mixed use
- personal and professional
- using a single managed device and, in case of shared use, arises an opportunity to have different separated User Spaces, in order to increase security and privacy.

Chimpa is an MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform entirely developed in Italy. It is currently the only solution on the market that is able to adapt to many different scenarios, united by the presence of devices with an iOS or Android mobile operating system: education, family, company, digital signage, industry, B2B.

Chimpa MDM ensures a uniform distribution and management of settings, policies, Apps, contents and updates by providing a series of instruments that are able to granularly manage the restrictions of the devices of an organization.

The monitoring of the use of devices, with the possibility of intervening remotely in case of loss or theft, makes Chimpa the optimum solution in any kind of context, also thanks to the modular approach that allows you to obtain a tailor made solution with a logic of flexible licensing.

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