Press Release: XNOOVA and Liceo Respighi

Italy, October 26th
XNOOVA SRL was selected as a member of Alpha class in Web Summit 2015. press release talks about Chimpa™: the new Suite for tablet management in Schools.
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- Xnoova is an innovative startup focused on native App development for Education with tablets.
- Liceo Respighi is one of the 23 public Italian School selected and funded by the Italian government to experiment and develop new processes of Learning.

It’s a school when every morning 150 computer and more than 800 iPad lights up.
The school has many devices and also many needs for management and lesson control, that’s where Chimpa comes in.
With this effective partnership between Liceo Respighi and XNOOVA, a simple issue-fix activity became, after 1 year of work, the new Suite for tablet management in Schools.

The Suite:
- Chimpa Teach on teachers’ devices allow auto attendance call (using iBeacon®), perform live commands like “single app mode”, “web whitelists”, “no internet”, and has some security features like Passcode Reset.
- Chimpa Learn on students’ devices can of course receive teacher’s commands, but also help in group making and placing in class (useful for the flipped classroom, f.e.) and is the right place for Tests, both small end-of-lesson quick tests and full-sized Quizzes.
- Chimpa Bazaar the school internal “App Catalog” is the right place to find Apps, Ebooks, teacher’s own handouts in PDF and other materials. One place, for the entire school year.
- Chimpsky, the server App, is the heart of the suite. A universal MDM with cutting-edge features in “Tablet Classroom Workflow management”

“The teacher, using a App that allows lesson control like Chimpa, can effectively teach kids how to use technology in a more appropriate way, allowing them to use one App or another based on what is the right tool for that moment”, says prof. Giovanna Busoni, math teacher and Apple® Distinguished Educator “These are precious opportunity, if offered to teachers”.

See the Case History Video (italian with English subtitles)

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